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Coordinated Floral Arrangement Assembly System And Method

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US Patent:
46006125, Jul 15, 1986
Feb 20, 1985
Appl. No.:
Robert G. Litwin - Concord CA
Erwin R. Stone - Concord CA
Asset K. Mitra - Walnut Creek CA
International Classification:
A41G 100
US Classification:
428 23
A coordinated floral arrangement assembly system comprises a plurality of artificial flowers, each of the artificial flowers includes an elongated stem member that has two end portions. A plurality of petals are positioned adjacent to one of the stem member end portions, and a plurality of leaves are positioned on the stem member intermediate of its end portions. In addition, a positional indicator is positioned adjacent to a second of the stem member end portions, the positional indicator has an indicium thereon. The system also comprises a base member, the base member, which is adapted to receive the flowers, has at least one generally horizontal surface. The system further comprises a floral arrangement positional template, the template, which is adapted to be positioned adjacent to the base member horizontal surface, includes a plurality of positional markers each of which has an associated indicium, whereby a stem member that has a particular indicium on its stem member positional indicator is mounted onto the base member immediately adjacent to a template positional marker the associated indicium for which is identical to the stem member indicium.
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