Arlyn Westerberg Phones & Addresses

  • 1041 35Th St, Amery, WI 54001 (715) 268-5641 (715) 268-6485
  • Clayton, WI
  • 1041 35Th Ave, Amery, WI 54001 (715) 551-6140


Position: Craftsman/Blue Collar


Degree: High school graduate or higher



Us Patents

Electrical Ground Connection For Powder Painting Apparatus

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US Patent:
57576068, May 26, 1998
Oct 11, 1996
Appl. No.:
Arlyn R. Westerberg - Amery WI
International Classification:
H01H 300
US Classification:
Apparatus for electrostatically applying a coating to articles in a chamber includes nozzles for discharging a fluid stream of coating composition, usually a dry powder, into the chamber. An electrical charge is applied to the individual particles of the coating composition. An endless conveyor supports suspended racks on which the articles to be coated are supported. Electrically grounded conductive strips having a projecting edges electrically ground each of the racks they move through the chamber. The strips have a thin flat profile with a laterally projecting edge to frictionally engage the racks moving through the chamber. Preferably the edge is vertically inclined so that the point on the racks contacted by the edge continually varies as the racks are conveyed, thus insuring a scraping action and good electrical contact between the grounding strip and the rack.
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